What’s new with the Xiaomi M365 Pro?

by Tim Begglesworth on September 09, 2019

Xiaomi's M365 has been a smash-hit across the globe. Favoured by ride sharing schemes and private owners alike, it is the model that nearly everyone has ridden or seen. With the release of the M365 Pro, we are taking a look at the revisions that have been made to the successor of the world’s favourite electric folding scooter.

Changes at a glance

With a series of small changes, the Pro scooter can be thought of more of an evolution of the original. For an at-a-glance overview of the changes, see our info-graphic below (click through for a bigger, clearer version).

Revised display dashboard

The Pro’s dashboard now displays a speedometer (switchable between imperial and metric), drive mode indicator (ECO/D/S), overheat/service warnings, headlight and bluetooth status plus a five-segment battery capacity readout. This information rich display gives riders invaluable feedback on the live status of the scooter, beyond the capabilities of the four led lights on the original.

A modification is now available to retrofit this display to the standard scooter, read our article here for more information.Operation between modes, switching the headlight and powering the scooter are still all controlled by varying presses of the single top mounted button.

New drive modes

Xiaomi have reworked the ESC programming to create a new ‘sport’ mode on-top of the standard and eco modes of the original scooter. Instead of increasing the top speed beyond 25km/h (likely due to legal restrictions in some territories) the top speed in ‘eco’ mode drops to 18km/h with ‘standard‘ set to 20km/h. Running these lower power modes will likely help riders maximise the range of their scooters.

Bigger Battery, longer range

The biggest selling point for the new scooter is doubtless the huge new battery pack. Sat in a new metal enclosure (measuring 370 x 84 x 43mm excluding the mounting tabs) it weighs 2746g, over 1.1kg heavier than the original pack.

The larger pack results in longer charge times as the standard power supply has been retained, the Pro model takes 9 hours to charge for flat, up from the 5 hours of the original.

Taller handlebars and a larger footplate

The pro scooter is more comfortable for taller or larger passengers. Xiaomi have extended the upright for the handlebars 40mm, lengthened the footplate deck by 50mm and widened it by 10mm. Whilst those increases seem small, stepping back onto the standard scooter now feels cramped in comparison. Total dimensions are up from 1140 x 1080 x 430mm to 1180 x 1130 x 430mm. This redesign combined with the larger battery and motor means the Pro scooter weighs 14.2kg, 1.7kg up from the standard one.

Larger, more powerful motor core

Rated at 300w nominal, 600w peak, the front hub motor has been modified to provide more power. Whilst the wheel, hub and tyre are the same size, the core and magnets are now 20% deeper. The entire package (including tyre/valve/innertube) is up 202g by our measurements to 3113g.

The resulting power increase improves the scooters ability to climb hills. The Pro scooter can now tackle a gradient up to 12° (21%), compared to the originals 8° (14%). Naturally its performance will still be restricted by the riders weight, the battery charge level, atmospheric conditions and of course tyre pressure.

Revised rear wheel and brake

Xiaomi have fitted a 120mm larger (diameter) brake disc, up 10mm over the standard unit. The brake pads themselves have a smaller contact patch, 18mm down from 21mm but are now keyed with the tab sitting in a slot on the revised caliper, potentially to minimise rattling potential. The rear wheel hub has also been increased 10mm to match the chassis but still features the same rim, tyre and tube.

Do you have any questions about the M365 Pro scooter? Leave us a comment below. You can grab your own Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter today on our webstore where we have a whole host of electric folding scooters available with free-next-day delivery.

by Scooters Direct on July 06, 2020

Hi Chris,
Sadly we do not stock all of the individual components of the scooter yet, only entire motors which are likely of little use to you. The diameter of the hub motor is the same thus we would estimate that the pro and std motor covers are interchangeable if that is any help?

by Scooters Direct on July 06, 2020

Hi Jamie, upgrading to the full Pro spec would require changing out the frame to accommodate the larger battery and as such would be very expensive; We doubt it would be cost effective.

by jamie johnson on July 06, 2020

is it possible to modify the m365 to the pro?
if so is it something you guys do and how much would it cost?

by Chris on July 06, 2020

Hi Guys.

I need a replacement motor cover (the part with the bearing in that attaches via 6 torx screws to the wheel hub) but I cannot find one for sale individually. Dou you know if this part is the same across both motors? Perhaps you know where I can get one?




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