What electric scooter should I buy?

by Mark Jones on August 31, 2019

Electric scooters are fast becoming a must-have form of transportation in cities across the world. Using a battery powered motor, e-scooters are a faster and more efficient ride when compared to a standard kick scooter. 

If you’re hoping to hop aboard the latest transport trend, be sure to carry out some research before committing to a purchase. Doing so will help guarantee your safety and ensure your money is being spent wisely. 

Which scooter is right for you?

Electric scooter safety 

Perhaps the most important consideration is your safety. As e-scooter manufacturing is a new and rapidly changing industry, legislators have struggled to keep in step with progress and innovation. One of the consequences of this development is inadequate regulation 

Occasionally, an unscrupulous manufacturer may use this as an opportunity to cut costs, for the sake of remaining competitive on price. When purchasing a new electric scooter, be sure to examine the model for key safety elements. A good choice option to have is double braking systemThis allows the rider to apply the brakes on both the front and back wheel, which can significantly reduce braking distance and provide greater control. 

Investing in rider safety equipment is never a bad idea. Although a helmet has not yet been made a legal requirement, you’d be wise to complete your scooter purchase with protective headgear. Knee and elbow pads are another sensible investment; don’t be tempted to sacrifice your physical mobility for the sake of aesthetics. 

Ride your scooter safely with a helmet

E-scooter battery motor power 

As with any battery powered technology, different batteries will have different capabilities. When purchasing a new e-scooter, check the model’s spec sheet for battery motor power. This will have a significant impact on the scooterrange and speed. 

With top-of-the-range options, you can expect to get upwards of around 50km (31 miles) from a single charge, allowing you to complete longer journeys with ease, or to go longer without a charge between shorter trips 

How and where you plan to your use your e-scooter may be mitigating factor when considering range. Unlike with electric cars, range fear is less of an issue if you are unable to use your scooter on the roads – as is the case in the UK. However, if you are planning on using your scooter frequently, opting for one with a higher range will help to avoid the constant need to find a power outlet. 

Battery motor power will dictate how fast your e-scooter can travel. Whilst a top-end model with a higher power output can reach speeds of up to 30mph, models at the other end of the scale may only be designed to achieve around 10mph. Again, consider your intended use when looking for the a suitable e-scooter. Speed is certainly something a commuter might place at a premium, but with this currently not an option in the UK, will you still need or want the fastest model?  

Although several variables can affect range and speed, including rider’s weight and wind strengththe manufacturers guidelines will be a good indication on what you can expect to achieve on any given model. 

M365 pro motor core

An e-scooter for every budget 

There’s no way around it: electric scooters do not come cheap. However, a realistic budget and some thorough research prior to deciding will help you purchase an e-scooter without breaking the bank.  

Luckily, most manufacturers understand the wide appeal of an e-scooter, meaning you’ll find a model to suit most budgets, without too much of a compromise on speed or range. Whilst some specialist models can come with a price tag in the thousands of pounds, it is possible to get an e-scooter in the region of £100, depending on your requirements. 

If you’re making your first electric scooter purchase, we’d recommend holding off splashing the cash. Opting for a mid-range model will allow you to get to grips with your unique requirements and understand which specific features you need or preferBeginners models tend to have a less powerful battery, making them more affordable (although not as fast). You can always upgrade to a superior model when you’re more experienced. 

As we mentioned earlier, the need for safety equipment cannot be understated. Don’t forget to factor in the price of accessories into your budget. 

A scooter for every budget

What will you be using your scooter for? 

Naturally, considering exactly where and when you plan on using your e-scooter should be a factor in deciding which one to buy.  

Although e-scooters are not road legal in the UKmany riders do transport their scooters to locations where scootering is legal. If you plan on using your scooter anywhere other than your own property, ease of transportation will be a key consideration. Many models have the added benefit of being both foldable and lightweight, meaning you can carry them easily – perfect for riders looking to explore new locations. 

Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to have private grounds large enough to use your e-scooter, you may be able to sacrifice portability. Although more powerful scooters are often heavier than fold-up options, you will be able to achieve faster speeds and enjoy a longer range. 

If you’re planning on taking your e-scooter off-road or into rougher terrain, you’ll need to choose a model that can handle it. Look for tyres with a deeper tread which can withstand rougher conditions and a sturdier overall build. 

what will you use your scooter for?

Shop for an e-scooter wisely 

Whilst the scooter itself is obviously of upmost importance, where you choose to buy it from is also importantJust as you wouldn’t buy a car from a random showroom or chain offering no aftercare – an e-scooter should be no different. 

If purchasing online, make sure the the supplier offers after-sales support and ensure that they provide a warranty, in case anything was to go wrong.  

 Should you buy the M365 or the ES2?

Still unsure which e-scooter is right for you? At Scooters Direct, we pride ourselves on being able to match customers with their perfect electric scooter, regardless of budget. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team to help you make the perfect purchase! 


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⚠️ LEGAL WARNING: Privately-owned e-scooters can not be used on public highways (roads/pavements/cycle lanes/bridleways). E-scooters should only be used on private property with the landowner’s consent. Appropriate protective equipment should be worn at all times.