Best electric scooters for commuting

by Mark Jones on February 07, 2020

With the stress of busy roads and jam-packed public transport, it’s no surprise that commuters are often on the look out for a way to improve the quality of their journeys to and from work. In countries other than the UK, where it is legal to use them on public highways, many have turned to personal transportation devices – such as electric scooters or e-bikes – in a bid to speed up their daily travels and become more sustainable travellers.

Why use an electric scooter to commute?

Kinder to the environment

As they are powered by a rechargeable electric motor, e-scooters offer an environmentally friendly alternative to solo motorised transportation, such as motorbikes or cars.

Avoid crowds

Many commuters dread being trapped in a confined environment with other people, such as a busy train or bus. E-scooters give you the opportunity to travel while avoiding the rush-hour crush.

avoid the crowds on an electric scooter

Cost effective

Good quality electric scooters usually cost between £300 to £1,000 – various factors can affect the overall price. Although the initial outlay may seem daunting, when compared to annual train or bus tickets – which could set you back thousands of pounds – an electric scooter suddenly seems like a worthy investment.

Faster than walking

Most electric scooters can reach speeds of around 15mph, which is much faster than walking pace. Utilising an electric scooter on your daily commute will dramatically reduce your travel time, whilst still allowing you to avoid busy public transport and enjoy some fresh air on your way to and from work.

‘Last mile’ solution

Although some commuters may choose to rely on an e-scooter for their entire journey, this isn’t always a viable option. Studies have concluded that the ‘last mile’, i.e. the final phase of a commute from vehicle to workplace, is the most difficult to complete; many modes of public transport do not drop passengers off exactly where they need to be.

Being lightweight and portable, e-scooters can be carried with relative ease on mass public transit. This means they can be deployed for use once you leave the bus stop or train station and move on to your place of work.

M365 in the city

E-scooters for commuting: what to look for

If you decide to upgrade your commuting experience by obtaining an electric scooter (in places where this is legal), there are a few key specs and features you should look out for when making a purchase.


The best electric scooter for commuting will ideally be lightweight, as there may be occasions where you will need to dismount and carry your scooter. Models made with light yet robust materials such as aluminium will usually be suited to the task.

Ninebot ES2 is a lightweight scooter for carrying

Foldable electric scooters

A foldable electric scooter will make the ideal vehicle for commuting. Most foldable models have a simple mechanism which allows them to dramatically reduce in size, for easy and convenient portability.

The ability for a scooter to fold is especially important for commuters who will need to use public transport at some point during their journey, or who may have limited storage space at work.

Battery life

You should also consider battery power and mileage when buying an electric scooter for commuting. If you are travelling a significant distance each day you must ensure that your chosen model has a battery with enough capacity to support travelling both ways. Finding yourself stuck at work with an immobile scooter would be incredibly frustrating.

Alternatively, look into a way to charge your scooter at your workplace.

Motor strength

It’s advisable that you also consider the terrain of your route to and from work. For example, if you find that your journey includes several hills, look for a scooter with a motor that has enough power to handle repeated steep inclines.

Electric scooters for commuting at Scooters Direct

At Scooters Direct we offer a wide range of electric scooters, many of which will make the ideal purchase to fulfil your commuting needs.

Every e-scooter model that we supply benefits from being fully foldable for added convenience.

 L8F folding electric scooter

When it comes to weight, the InMotion L8F Electric Scooter cannot be beaten. Weighing in at an impressively light 12kg and boasting a compact folding design, the L8F can be carried easily when needed.

The L8F enjoys a maximum range of 35km (just under 22 miles), which should certainly be sufficient for most journeys. It also has a conveniently short charge time of five hours, meaning it can be fully charged throughout the working day if needed, to avoid the likelihood of a flat battery when it’s time to go home.

Looking for more information or help making a purchase? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team, or head over to our helpful advice blog.

Please note that currently the law prohibits use of electric scooters on public pavements, parks, roads and more in the UK.


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⚠️ LEGAL WARNING: Privately-owned e-scooters can not be used on public highways (roads/pavements/cycle lanes/bridleways). E-scooters should only be used on private property with the landowner’s consent. Appropriate protective equipment should be worn at all times.