Best electric scooters for adults

by Mark Jones on January 07, 2020

Many people assume scooters are simply retro toys for children. But with high quality, performance-orientated electric scooters having zoomed onto the market in recent years, scooters are now firmly available for fun-loving adults to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly vehicle to get you from A to B, or an off-roader for remote adventures, there is an electric scooter for every adult – but what exactly should you look for before making a purchase?

Adult sized scooters are more suitable for taller riders

What will you be using your e-scooter for?

When buying an adult electric scooter, identifying the main motive for your purchase will help determine which model is best you for. Unlike models designed for kids, adults’ electric scooters will often have a more practical purpose, such as speeding up your commute.

Adult electric scooter for commuting

If you’re planning to use your e-scooter to revolutionise your daily commute (if this is legal where you live) convenience will most likely be a priority.

If your commute requires you to hop on and off public transport, you’d be wise to opt for a foldable electric scooter. After all, buses and trains are notoriously busy during the rush hour – fellow passengers will be annoyed with you if your e-scooter is taking up too much precious on-board space.

Foldable electric scooters will quickly transform into compact and portable loads. They’re also ideal for solving storage conundrums at home or at work. It’s worth checking the scooter’s folded dimensions to ensure if will fit in your desired space.

Man carrying a folding electric scooter

If your adult electric scooter is intended for your daily commute, you should also consider weight. As advanced as electric scooter technology is, they are not equipped to navigate steps, meaning you will inevitably have to lift and carry it at some point in your journey.

Although bulkier models are often on the heavier side, it is possible to buy a durable yet lightweight electric scooter which weighs in at under 12kg.

Off-road electric scooters for adults

If you’re planning on unleashing your inner child and taking your electric scooter adventures off-road, your requirements will be very different.

Whilst an electric scooter for commuting will need be compact and light, off-road models will require a sturdier build to handle rough terrain. The wheels will also need to be larger, with a much deeper treads to help manoeuvre across underfoot obstacles, such as rocks or tree roots.

Off-road electric scooters must also have good suspension, in order to absorb shocks. Without this, you will feel every bump in the ground – enough to ruin an off-road adventure.

Consider weight capacity

The primary difference between buying a kid’s e-scooter and an electric scooter for adults is the weight capacity.

For kids, maximum weight is usually not a concern. However, weight capacity is arguably one of the most important specifications to consider for adults. Although most models will have a substantial maximum payload, budget offerings may be able to carry less than you’d think – the best electric scooters for adults will support a larger load.

Adult male riding a scooter

It’s vital to check a scooter’s maximum weight capacity prior to purchase; you will find that the quality of your ride is seriously impacted if you do exceed the limit: maximum speed will be decreased, battery life reduced and incline climbing capability diminished.

When assessing an adult electric scooter’s maximum load, you must also remember to include the weight of any baggage in your calculations. If you regularly carry additional bags, such as a work backpack, you could easily find that you exceed your e-scooters maximum weight capacity.

Adult electric scooter cost

When buying an adult electric scooter, it’s important to research the costs involved, and what your money will get you before finalising a purchase.

Prices for a quality electric scooter will usually begin in the region of £300, with the most advanced models reaching into the thousands. Whilst it is not necessary to part with an extremely large amount of money to acquire a high performing electric scooter, we would avoid steering clear of suspiciously cheap models. They often lack sufficient battery and motor power and are constructed from inferior materials.

Woman shopping for a folding electric scooter

By spending a little more on your new mode of transport, you will gain access to useful additional features, such as high-quality construction materials, increased battery power and additional software, such as a dedicated mobile app. Although these extras may not be necessary for all e-scooter riders, it’s worth looking further into how unique additions could be of use to you, and then adapt your budget accordingly.

Electric scooters for adults at Scooters Direct

At Scooters Direct we’re pleased to confirm that our entire range of electric scooters is suitable for adults, with price options to suit all budgets and requirements.

If you’d like further assistance on which e-scooter to buy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful and friendly team. Alternatively, head over to our advice blog, for comprehensive reviews of models within our range.

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by Russell Barnfield on September 01, 2020

I am about to move into a flat which is a 25min walk from my local pub.
I am looking for a scooter that can be used on tarmac and grass and can go up hills.
It needs to be able to carry my weight (around 90kg) and be fold-able.
What would you recommend?
Can you also get wet weather capes?


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