What is a foldable electric scooter?

by Mark Jones on October 26, 2019

What is a foldable electric scooter?

An ‘electric scooter’ that can fold?

On the surface, an electric scooter looks like a traditional kick scooter. However, rather than requiring manual effort from the rider to propel forwards, an e-scooter is powered by an electric motor, making it an environmentally friendly mode of transport. The batteries feeding these motors do require regular charging, but depending on the capacity, some models possess a range of up to 60 miles.

A foldable electric scooter is exactly what it says on the tin: an electric scooter that can be folded. This usually means it will fold in half, at the point where the handlebar stem meets the deck – although some scooters may utilise less conventional folding methods.

Xiaomi's M365 electric scooter is quick to fold

Once folded, the e-scooter is designed to be carried easily. Some sturdier models are designed to allow one wheel to remain on the floor even when folded. With these models, the scooter can either be pushed or pulled when not in use.

What are the benefits of a foldable electric scooter?

Foldable e-scooters are a boon to riders who must use public transport as part of their commute. Taking a bicycle or scooter onto a bus or metro system during the busy rush hour periods inconveniences other passengers and can be quite irritating when space is limited. As a foldable e-scooter is incredibly compact and will not occupy an unreasonable amount of room, it presents a good compromise.

The compact nature of a foldable e-scooter is also a huge benefit when it comes to home storage. Bicycles and rigid scooters can be tricky to store, particularly if you have little space to spare. Folding down a scooter into a conveniently compact size means it can be stored indoors easily and unobtrusively.

Ninebot's ES range of scooters fold right down

Riders will also find that a foldable electric scooter is far more practical than a standard scooter, as they are far less cumbersome to carry when not in use.

A ‘last mile’ solution

Research has found that the last mile of any inner-city commute is the most difficult to complete, simply because public transport will not drop travellers at their precise destination – walking can take a while, whilst cars often get caught in traffic and are not always environmentally friendly.

folding electric scooters are ideal for that final mile of your journey

On the other hand, a battery-powered scooter can navigate dense traffic (in places where this is legal) and reach speeds faster than walking.

Foldable scooters at Scooters Direct

At Scooters Direct, our classic electric scooters come with the additional benefit of being fully foldable.

The lightest within our range is the super compact InMotion L8F Electric Scooter, weighing in at an impressively light 12kg. The L8F utilises a unique dual-folding system. This allows the scooter to reduce in size from 106cm x 110cm x 43cm to 110cm x 36cm x 15cm. Unlike some foldable e-scooters, this model also allows for the handlebars to be folded in as seen in the photo below – not just the stem to the deck.

The L8F also features detachable auxiliary wheels which can be fitted to the underside, making for more convenient transportation when folded. For a full run down on the foldable L8F e-scooter, head over to our review.

InMotion's L8f can be dollied along when folded, like a suitcase

Anyone looking for an e-scooter with an innovative folding mechanism should look no further than the Ninebot ES2 KickScooter by Segway. Both Segway scooters in our range offer some of the simplest folding techniques on the market. Once your ride is finished, all that needs to be done is to firmly press the plastic tab at the at the front of the footplate with your heel. From here, Segway e-scooters will automatically collapse for convenient transportation.

Whilst Segways are incredibly easy to fold, it isn’t quite as compact as some of our other e-scooters. The front wheel remains forward whilst folded, which also means that it cannot be pushed or pulled; instead it must be carried. Luckily, the ES2 is also superlight; weighing in at just 12.5kg carrying it is a breeze.

Folding electric scooters take up a small amount of space

Our bestselling Xiaomi electric scooters offer a three-step folding procedure. Once perfected, the Xiaomi folding mechanism will have your e-scooter collapsed in a matter of seconds. Although some Xiaomi models are light enough to be carried when folded, others – such as the M365 Pro at 14kg – are on the heavier side. Luckily, Xiaomi’s folding design allows for most models to be pulled along, mitigating the likelihood of your arms tiring!

The M365 pro is heavier than most but still comfortable to carry short distances

Decided to make the move and purchase your own foldable electric scooter? At Scooters Direct we have a wide range of e-scooters, catering to all requirements and budgets, with next day shipping available.

Have more questions? Our team of experts will be glad to help – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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