The best electric scooter accessories - Autumn 2019

by Tim Begglesworth on October 04, 2019

As autumn arrives we have lined up some of our more popular accessories sold this season.

Carrying your scooter - Shoulder and hand straps

Electric scooters are fantastic for travelling on, but with the Pro edition (pictured below) weighing over 14kg, they aren’t always the easiest to lift, let alone carry. As the winter draws in, that metal tube is cold and uncomfortable in the hand when carrying it up the stairs to your flat, or loading it in and out of the car boot. Thankfully we have the solution, a plastic carry handle, ideal for anyone feeling the chill or those with smaller hands that never got on with the girth of the M365’s tubing.

Securing around the steerer tube with three velcro straps, the ergonomic handle is easy to grip allowing you to comfortably transport the scooter beside your waist. Thanks to the slimline profile, you can leave it attached when riding without it getting in the way. Not restricted to the M365 (or even just scooter use) at just £5 it is a useful tool just to have on hand.

If you carry your scooter longer distances, or would prefer a hands-free approach, then consider this shoulder strap. Its universal fitment makes it ideal for any folding electric scooter.

Attaching to the handlebars and the front downtube, the strap can be cinched down to tightly retain around the frame. A plastic pad fitted to the strap can be adjusted along its length to find the perfect balance, whilst ensuring it stays in place on your shoulder.

Unlike the hand strap, the shoulder strap is best removed when riding. Thankfully it unclips in seconds and can be wound to a small bundle, allowing you to store it in a handbag or jacket pocket. Again at just £7 this straps universal appeal make it an obvious purchase.

Metal smartphone holder

Whilst we would always recommend that our customers avoid interacting with their smartphone whilst riding their scooter, there are times when the pairing is necessary. This fully adjustable metal phone holder will at least enable you to keep your hands on the controls, ideal when using your phone’s GPS mapping whilst exploring a trail on holiday.

The package includes everything you need to fit and adjust it: the phone clasp, handlebar clamp, plastic adaptor rings, bolts as well as the allen keys to tighten them. Once you have decided on placement and orientation, fitting it takes less than 5 minutes. We particularly liked the two-piece design, allowing us to switch to a horizontal mount without removing it completely from the scooter.

In our example photos the smartphone modelled was sat in a rubber case, but employing the included soft pads at fitting will prevent even a naked smartphone from scratches as you tighten the securing clamp.

Once attached to the scooter, your phone can be tightened and released without tools, simply by turning the knurled metal adjuster on the side. The clamp expands wide enough to retain even the largest of today’s smartphones.

Much like the former accessories, at just £10 it represents excellent value for money. Indeed staff members liked them so much that they are considering purchasing them for their bicycles!

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Scooter security - Trelock BS450 U-lock

We advise all our customers to take their scooters inside with them at the end of their journey, but we understand that this isn’t always practical. As such we stock a few security options, the Trelock BS450 the most serious of them all.

Trelock have included a useful plastic mounting bracket that is compatible with the scooter steerer tube. Using heavy duty adjustable straps it can be tightened down, ensuring it doesn’t shake free. You secure the BS450 to the bracket simply by sliding the shackle through it and locking the body, there is no need to carry a bag especially for the lock. Weighing 930g, it should have a minimal effect on the range of the scooter.

Two keys are included and these operate the cylinder hidden under a dust cover in the plastic bottom of the unit. We like that when unlocked, the key is retained in the lock body, distinctly lowering the chances of you improperly securing the scooter and walking off with the keys. Its hardened metal body is finished in silver, with a clear ‘security level 4’ rating badge, presumably there to further dissuade any attempts to destroy it.

As with most mobile security products, the Trelock u-lock should be considered a deterrent rather than a perfect solution. The 15mm shackle should resist all but the biggest of bolt cutters but would still likely be defeated by an angle grinder. Bear in mind that a scooter locked in the method pictured could still be dismantled and carried away by a knowledgeable thief with the correct tools and enough time.

Winter is coming, light the way with the Cateye Volt 400

Many of the scooters we sell feature lights, often a single bright LED bulb aimed downwards to light the path ahead. Sadly these are rarely fit for purpose, better at identifying your position to other users rather than the forward illumination that actual night riding outside of a city would require. Now that the days are getting shorter, we have started stocking several Cateye lighting products that are far more suited for serious nighttime use.

Take the Cateye Volt 400XC front light for example. This slimline light is mounted in seconds with its integral rubber strap mount and it features four light modes (bright/brighter, pulsing and flashing) should you want to see where you are going or just ‘be seen’. Its integrated 2200mAh battery takes around 6 hours to charge and in the low power mode can offer illumination for an impressive 13.5 hours! The light features a low-battery warning indicator to remind you to top it up from any laptop/tv/powerbank with the included (but universally available) Micro USB cable.

From left to right we can see the standard incandescent headlight of the M365 Pro, followed by the Cateye light in low-power mode before finally the full 400 lumen high-brightness beam. Note that the 400XC has not only a larger focused beam area but also a wider throw of fall-off light, illuminating not just the foreground but the surroundings ahead. Aftermarket mounts are available if you prefer to mount the light to yourself or your helmet.

Weighing just 95 grams and measuring a little over 9cm long, its suitable for keeping in your bag or jacket pocket for when you get caught out by the progressively earlier sunsets. Take a look at this and the other Cateye lights we stock (including a lower power headlight, and wearable rear lighting solutions) on our webstore here.

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Decent Bottle/Cup holder

For those of you who really test the range of your scooters (or perhaps travel to and from the gym/coffee shop aboard it) we now offer a universal drinks holder.

The quick-release clamp makes it simple to install (and remove) in seconds but we advise attaching it to scooters with textured steerer tubes should you wish to put larger, heavier containers into it.

Keeping your scooter clean

Lastly, those regularly riding their scooter throughout the inclement weather at the moment are going to want to keep on top of maintenance. We suggest grabbing an eco-friendly cleaner such as this Pure bike wash (suitable for scooters).

We recommend pairing it with a soft brush and a microfibre cloth (picked up cheaply from everyone’s favourite online auction site) to keep your scooter clean and safe to use. Below are some before and after shots of a few seconds work on the footplate, traditionally a difficult area to clean up.

Acid free, you can be sure that it is safe for cleaning your scooter and also rinse away. You can find the Pure bike wash on our webstore here. To clean oil or more stubborn dirt, consider trying our eCare foam cleaning spray.

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