InMotion L9 scooter and V11 unicycle launch and UK release information

by Tom Begglesworth on April 03, 2020

This afternoon CEO Charles Cai took to the stage, opting to live stream the new product release across YouTube, to a world currently locked down in isolation. InMotion teased details of their upcoming unicycle and scooter across social media the week previously and an eager media tuned in for the full reveal. TLDR? The entire presentation is still available to view on InMotion’s youtube channel

InMotion L9 scooter

Thanks to the (rather questionable) indiegogo campaign, information about the L9 has been in the public domain for some time, however today was the official launch of the new scooter.

L9 specifications at a glance

  • Folding electric scooter
  • 1000w peak power
  • Can climb up to a 30% gradient 
  • Max 59.4 miles of range
  • Fast charge in 3.6 hours
  • Dual suspension
  • Revised lighting and indicators

A 1000w (peak) motor sits in the front hub allowing for payloads of up to 150kg (23.6 stone) and enables it to tackle gradients up to 30%, more than even the powerful Ninebot G30 max. Its large battery provides a staggering maximum range of 59.4 miles (95.5km) and utilising the dual charging port (running two chargers) will result in a charging time of just 3.6 hours from flat! The new scooter has 3 riding modes with 24km, 15km and 13km top speeds respectively. Its revised display shows remaining battery capacity, speed (both Km/h and Mph) and more.

InMotion L9 scooter

Short throw front suspension forks and a sprung rear swingarm should make for a comfortable ride. Like other scooters it retains a cable actuated rear disc brake and side kick stand. The rear fender no features what appears to be a license plate holder.

InMotion continue to throw as many lights onto their scooters as possible. A blue rim light runs around the handlebar mounted dashboard display. Two 1.25w LEDs mix together to create a 2.5w headlight output. This twin lens system appears to allow for wide beam and a focused longer range beam. A novel addition, the L9 also features a turning light. A flashing a strip LED mounted along the lower side of the deck that blinks orange to show the scooter is turning, activated based on tilt.

You can read more about the L9 on the indiegogo page here.

InMotion V11

With an apple-keynote inspired ‘one more thing’, Mr Cai introduced the much-teased V11 unicycle, which took up the bulk of the presentation.

V11 specifications at a glance

  • Self balancing electric unicycle
  • 18inch wheel
  • 3-inch wide off-road tyre 
  • 1420Wh battery with redundancy and twin charger support
  • Revised electronics
  • A larger 2000w motor with 3000w peak power
  • 50km/h, 31mph top speed
  • Advanced lighting front and rear
  • Air-spring suspension with 70mm of travel
  • 27kg, 67.5cm tall, 50cm deep, 20cm wide
  • MSRP $2,299, shipping June 30th

Fitted with an 18inch wheel wrapped in a 3inch wide deeply treaded tyre (suitable for a wider range of surfaces) the V11 will be InMotion’s largest wheel yet. Teased in the run-up to the event, the unicycle does indeed feature a ‘suspension system’. The first of its kind, it appears to us an air-spring damper to decouple the pedals/handle/battery and allow for vertical travel of up to 70mm down over the axle, leaving 9cm of pedal clearance to the ground even at full compression.

InMotion V11 lights and pedals

In response to customer demand for faster wheels, the V11 is fitted with a motor developed in-house. Twice the size of the one in the V10F and with 2000w of  power it can push the wheel to a top speed 31mph (50km/h) and take on slopes up to 35° in gradient! This unit is fed by an-all new mainboard with double the MOSFET’s with a suggested heady peak output of 3000w. Conscious of riders in hotter climates, InMotion have designed the new system with active cooling in mind, air sucked into the side vents by fans and drawn out of the rear over heatsinks, whilst retaining an IP55 rating.

The new 84v battery pack is built from 21700 cells, arranged in a split design with what appears to be inbuilt redundancy. InMotion suggest it should be good for 75 miles of range but the usual ride weight and conditions caveats apply. Refilling the 1220Wh pack takes just 5 hours when employing two chargers, plugged into the ports behind the rubber flap, above the rear light, twice that with just the one supplied.

InMotion have always taken rider safety very seriously and the V11 has been designed with this in mind. The pedals are fitted with griptape reportedly 20% more grippy than before. It’s new lift switch and folding trolley handle design have been tested to over 100,000 use cycles, the former with an exclusive patent in its operation. InMotion state that the V11 is suitable for riders between 4ft3in and ~6ft7in in height, up to 120kg in weight, that are over 16 years of age. 

Inmotion V11 unicycle specifications

Much was made about the new lighting headlight on the unicycle. The new unit has an incredible 7800 Lux output, a huge improvement on the V10F (520 Lux) as well as competitors Gotway and Kingsong (GW Nikola 1700 Lux, KS16X 4500 Lux). It also features a revised taillight. Despite its basic appearance, the included folding kickstand (purported to be an industry first) situated under the rear mudguard and deploying up against the tyre tread, will be a welcome addition. 

Where can I pre-order the V11 and the L9?

InMotion's V11 can be ordered here and the InMotion L9 can be seen on our webstore here . Keep your eyes peeled on our instagram and facebook, alongside our scooter and unicycle categories for further information.

Our take on the new products

We have no doubt that the L9 will be a big success in the UK, following the legislation change that will hopefully arrive before the year is out. Suspension and range are the features most requested by our clients and this scooter is the answer for both. Embracing fast charging is a huge step forward, with both of the new devices capable of accepting two charger inputs at once. We believe the L9’s dash charging will be a big draw. We feel that only the styling will put off some customers, who will opt for the leser ‘spec’, but refined lines of products from Unagi

Up until now lighting solutions on transporters have felt very ‘secondary’ to the design, so it is great to see the new purpose-designed twin-lamp headlight on the scooter and a high powered headlight on the new unicycle. We will be interested to see how the beam focus and cutoff performs. The automatic turn signals on the L9 We look forward to getting our hands on a test unit soon for a full breakdown of its capabilities. 

The V11’s specification garnered a lukewarm reception by many commenters on YouTube and Facebook, however we were very excited by the new unicycle. InMotion are continuing to innovate with their lineup with plenty of ‘firsts’ from the integral kickstand to the potentially game-changing air-shock. Their fascination with safety has resulted in reliable, dependable transporters in the past and this step forward with battery redundancy certainly builds on that.

V11 pedals and trolley handle

Due to the complications involved in integrating a damper system into a device you operate by leaning, we will reserve judgement as to the benefits of the new air-suspension until we have had a chance to ride it. As with previous releases, we imagine the ‘F’ model of the V11 will follow early next year with a larger battery, addressing some of the concerns regarding the capacity of this launch model, if not the average top speed. 

The looks have proved ‘marmite’ in the office, the styling definitely challenging. Fans in our office make references to potential oriental influences, reminding some of us of Japanese samurai armor. Regardless it is certainly a big departure from the smooth symmetrical UFO designs of the older ‘V’ range.

More information will follow as we get it

Please note that our article is based on information at launch. We will endeavour to update this page with more information as we get it.

What do you make of the L9 and the V11? How do you feel they stack up to the competition? Will you be buying them? Let us know in the comments section below.

by Scooters Direct on September 01, 2020

Kev, We have added you to the stock notification email. Whilst we will have chargers available we have no plans to add a set at this time.

by Kev on September 01, 2020

Can you add me to your stock notification for when the L9 is available.
Will you be stocking accessories for the L9 namely extra charger and seat.
Many thanks

by Jonathan Dc on September 01, 2020

got my v11 on pre order . Cant wait, very excited. Good job ;-)

by Scooters Direct on July 06, 2020

To address some of the comments here, the L9 will cost £795.00 and we are expecting stock in the next couple of months.

by Scooters Direct on July 06, 2020

Angelito, we have added you to our stock notification list. For anyone else looking for updates, you can signup for stock notification emails via the red banner on the left of the screen where items that are out of stock.

by Angelito Gallardo on July 06, 2020

Notify me once the InMotion L9 become available in the UK.

by Peter Whitehead on July 06, 2020

Send me details of how to order uk

by Nate on July 06, 2020

How much the l9 likely to cost

by Dr GLEN MARSHALL on July 06, 2020

Interested in L9

by Glen on July 06, 2020

I have been looking a scooters in the last week. Ninebot Max was my choice until L9 spotted. If price reasonable, and legislation changes, highly likely to purchase. I gave never ridden one but they look good fun, economical and this model in particular practical.

by Lorenc on July 06, 2020

When will the INmotion L9 scooter will be available for sale.


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