How much do electric scooters cost?

by Mark Jones on October 17, 2019

There is no denying that electric scooters can be on the pricey side, especially when compared to their kick-scooter cousins. However, as anyone who regularly rides one will tell you, an e-scooter is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

But what exactly affects the price of an electric scooter, and how much should you really be paying for the pleasure of owning one?

What prices to expect

At the lower end of the market, it is possible to buy a basic e-scooter for under £100, whilst scooters at the opposite end of the spectrum can reach prices upwards of £6,000.

Most people will find their ideal model to be sitting somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, with standard, all-rounder e-scooters at around £300 – £1,000.

Scooters Direct e-scooter price range

At Scooters Direct we cater for a variety of budgets, with high-quality electric scooters available for between £300 – £600.

Xiaomi's M365  is the best value scooter on the market so far

The cheapest within our range is the Xiaomi 365, which has been the recipient of many an award and lauded as the world’s most popular electric scooter – proof that a hefty price tag doesn’t necessarily indicate ‘best in class’.

What is reflected in the price of an electric scooter?

Battery power

Several features can affect price point, the most important of which being the battery. It’s generally agreed that the battery equates for around 30% of the overall cost of an electric scooter.

In almost all scooters, the more powerful the battery is, the more it will cost. A powerful battery will ensure you reach faster speeds, enjoy a longer battery life and an increased range. Batteries on premium e-scooters can have shorter charge times, reducing your vehicle’s downtime.

How much do electric scooters cost battery range and size

It’s essential to consider the importance of a high-quality battery. After all, this is the component that powers your motor – a battery of poor quality will seriously impact your ride.

Accompanying software

With premium electric scooters, you will often find that key controls and features can be altered remotely via a dedicated smartphone app. This may include lights, remaining battery life, journey tracking and speed control. This provides added convenience and gives riders the ability to manipulate their scooter’s software to suit their unique requirements.

a quality smartphone application is important when using an electric scooter

If you opt for one of the budget offerings, in the region of £100, it is unlikely that you will have access to such software.

Construction materials

Another factor which influences how much electric scooters cost is the materials they are made from. A premium model will usually be made from a high quality, lightweight and durable material, such as aluminium. This will ensure that your e-scooter can be carried easily when not in use and will be able to handle hard usage.

How much do electric scooters cost build quality segway ES2 suspension

At the other end of the scale, you will often find that cheaper models contain greater quantities of lower grade plastic components. It’s wise not to be lured in by cost; the chances are it will not be very durable.

Some budget electric scooter manufacturers will utilise steel in their models. Whilst steel is a durable metal, it is heavier than the likes of aluminium reducing the scooter’s portability.

Premium brands often fetch a premium price tag

When it comes to cost, you will find that premium brands cost more, and with good reason. They will have been developed, tested and reviewed by industry experts. Reputable brands will also use high quality materials and be held to higher safety standards.

However, this is not to say that all reputable brands are expensive. For example, Xiaomi are one of the world’s leading electric scooter manufacturers, yet most of their range is under £400.

How much do electric scooters cost premium models

Additionally, if you want to buy into a high-end electric scooter brand, but don’t quite have the necessary budget, consider opting for one of their older models, which are usually available at a much lower price point. Whilst you will not be able to enjoy the latest features and mod cons during your ride, you will be able to experience superior manufacturing and design at a lower cost.

Base your budget on your requirements

When considering the cost of an electric scooter purchase, it’s important to work within a realistic budget based on your requirements and likely usage.

If you are buying an e-scooter as a ‘last-mile’ solution, or for light recreational use, the chances are you do not need to break the bank. In these cases, it would be unnecessary for you to spend extra to buy a scooter with increased battery power, as you will be unlikely to require a longer range, nor will you require particularly fast speeds.

how much do electric scooters cost recreational use

On the other hand, if you plan to ride your e-scooter for the duration of your commute (in areas where this is legal) or for other extended journeys, you should opt for a model with increased range and battery life – which will tend to cost more.

Cost of buying vs hiring an e-scooter

Often, e-scooter riders are fooled into thinking that regularly hiring an e-scooter is more cost effective than buying their own – however, this isn’t always the case.

For example, an electric scooter rental scooter company providing a ‘dockless’ scooter hire service in privately-owned areas of London, charges users £1 for the initial unlocking fee, with an additional 20p per minute. Although this sounds like a small amount, if you were to use such a service for your daily commute, the yearly cost would be upwards of £1800 – more than enough to kit the whole family out with a brand-new e-scooters!

Want to learn more about electric scooters, and what to look for before you ride? Head over to the rest of our knowledge base where we regularly share our extensive expertise on this exciting mode of transport!


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